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Hypnosis videos
Underwear Stuck Hypnosis video
Hot Tub Hypnosis video
Focus on the Feet hypnosis video

Underwear Stuck Hypnosis

Hot Tub Hypnosis

Focus on the Feet

Redneck Bottom Hypnosis Video

Redneck Bottom Boi

Cigar Hypnosis

Hypnosis audio files
Fleshjack Hands erotic hypnosis
slave for life hypnosis
Horny Bondage Challenge file

$1.69 Fleshjack Hands

Imagine a horned up stroke where your hands have turned into a fleshjack. A confusion induction is followed by transformation, then it's time for your fleshjack hands to get to work.

$1.69 slave for life

Recreational hypnosis file that uses your definition of "slave" and your context of giving up authority to enhance your desires to be a slave. Long, slow induction.

Horny Bondage Challenge

Humiliation erotic hypnosis

$6.99 The Humiliation Pit

A verbally abusive, humiliation filled, trance inducing story that takes the listener deep into a humiliation pit and uses triggers to maximize degredation. Effects only last while listening to this file.

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