Custom Files

Custom audio files are available from Rick TheTist:

  • I am open to recording a hypnosis file that speaks to your desires.
  • I am not open to recording hypnosis files that violate Paypal’s terms of service
  • I am not open to recording hypnosis files that address mental health problems, mental or physical therapy, smoking cessation, weight loss, or addiction.
  • I will not record hypnosis files that include permanent post hypnotic suggestions.
  • After completing a file request form, you will receive an email with further information.
  • Full payment in advance ($60) will be required before I start working on the file.  I will provide a delivery date, which will vary depending on the number of files in the queue.
  • Your purchase is not refundable.  I will follow all directives / guidance you provide or let you know before payment if there’s anything I may not be able to provide or include.
  • The file delivered to you will be the final product, I will not make adjustments or edits to the file after completion.

Please include some or all of these in your description and add anything else:

  • Induction style – relaxation, confusion, rapid, kinesthetic, other?
  • Induction length – about how much of the 20 minutes should be dedicated to the induction?
  • Would you like me to use your name or a preferred name during the file?
  • What would you like to do during the file?
  • Specific suggestions to include in the file
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • What demeanor / tone of voice should I use?
  • How should the file end?
  • Do you want to get off while listening?
  • If you have a favorite Rick TheTist recording in which you’d like your file to be in the same style, please let me know.
  • Tell me about what I can include in the file / induction that will help you go into trance
  • Is there anything specific you imagine wearing while listening?
  • Would you like music or binaural beats underneath the spoken words?
  • Can you tell me something specific about the desire / fetish in this file that really works for you?
  • Are there specific words that I can use that will really click with you?
  • Is there anything about this topic that turns you off?
  • Are there any specific words or language that you don’t want to hear or that might bring you out of trance?
  • Are there triggers you would like me to specifically use or not use?