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Obedient Kink PIg Slut erotic Hypnosis
Jockstrap Obedience erotic Hypnosis
Stuck Butt Plug erotic Hypnosis

Title says it all!

Put on your jockstrap, drift off, and find yourself awake feeling obedient while wearing a jock and drawn to keeping yours on for a while.

Choose, or imagine you've chosen, a butt plug that you can wear for 30 minutes or so .. then realize it's stuck until your unconscious mind decides it can come out.

Dual Trance erotic Hypnosis
Fleshjack Hands erotic Hypnosis
slave fore life Hypnosis

Two files: Top and Bottom. Each can be listened to on its own (though Bottom works better solo). If two people listen together at the same time, start both recordings in sync and prepare for some dual trance fun.

Imagine a horned up stroke where your hands have turned into a fleshjack. A confusion induction is followed by transformation, then it's time for your fleshjack hands to get to work..

Recreational hypnosis file that uses your definition of "slave" and your context of giving up authority to enhance your desires to be a slave. Long, slow induction.

Biker bitch erotic Hypnosis
Sneakers Socks Feet erotic Hypnosis
Diaper Walk erotic Hypnosis

Hard to resist a powerful man in leather / racing gear on his bike. Lust, submit, go for a ride and get ridden.

Deep file with post hypnotic suggestions for sneakers, socks and foot fetishists and those with malleable minds toward desire.

A story based hypnotic induction for guys into diapers or curious about them. No #1 or #2 suggestions ... just wearing them and some post hypnotic suggestions about going for a walk with them under your clothes.

Rubber pig erotic Hypnosis
Fuckbot erotic Hypnosis
Hands Off erotic Hypnosis

Desire for rubber, desire for pig sex. Put them together with a lube slide and pig pit ... oink oink.

Transform into a fuckbot. Get programmed to get fucked. Explicit. Erotic. Post hypnotic suggestion. Better grab those ankles boy.

Lull yourself into a nice deep trance while your hands make you feel good ... and come out finding yourself frustrated with a desire to keep your hands off. Includes post hypnotic suggestions to not touch yourself and to listen to the file daily for a number of times you decide.

Over My Knee boy erotic Hypnosis
Himbo Gym erotic Hypnosis
Sexual Desires erotic Hypnosis

You've been a bad boy, you know you've done wrong, time to get put (forced?) over the knee and take the swats you need. Role playing based hypnosis. .

Transform into a himbo and hang out at the gym for a bit. Don't forget to hit the showers after, man.

Allow your mind to embrace sexual desires as you go deep.

Stuck In Gear erotic Hypnosis
nude nudist erotic Hypnosis
Poppers4Jock erotic Hypnosis

Put on your gear, listen, get stuck in your gear. Whatever fetish wear turns you on works for this file.

Desire to be naked and to feel good while naked.

Jock Transformation. Hypno poppers. Sub beta jock. Enough said boy.

Thirsty erotic Hypnosis
Return to the Bondage Room erotic Hypnosis
erotic dreams erotic Hypnosis

A watersports desire erotic hypnosis mp3 file. Whether you're into it, need some help getting over hurdles, or want to increase your ability to do it for others. Dress to get wet and have a glass of water nearby.

A bondage fantasy themed erotic hypnosis mp3 file, restraints, cages, boxes, and more. How deep will you be bound?

A file with no intro or ending, created for looping as you fall asleep. Suggestions to have and enjoy erotic dreams included..

cigarboy erotic Hypnosis
Dude Ranch erotic Hypnosis
Sadist's Toy erotic Hypnosis

Sink into your cigar lounge chair as a cigar smoking man takes you down deep. Suggestions include submitting to and obeying cigar smoking men.

A relaxing, erotic and horny trip to a dude ranch resort. Your cowboy tour guide gives you a tour including an intimate exploration of the resort hot tub. File finishes with a trip down to a private basement.

A kinesthetic induction is followed by SM themed hypnosis. The level of "pain" is in your head and you choose whether to experience it or imagine it.

Rubber Wrap erotic Hypnosis
Boot Obedience erotic Hypnosis
Horndroid erotic Hypnosis

Enjoy a hypnosis trip wrapped in rubber bondage during the file and for 30 minutes after it ends!

Enjoy a boot focused relaxation induction followed by fixation on men in boots, boot porn, worshiping boots and feeling obedient to men in boots. Recorded for men who like men in boots.

A robot transformation hypnosis file. Turns the listener into a horny droid robot called horndroid ready to be programmed.

Into Submission erotic Hypnosis
Hypnoerotic Art Museum erotic Hypnosis
gruntboy Interview erotic Hypnosis

Increase and explore desire to submit, with subliminal track.

A hypnotic trip through an erotic art museum created in your mind. You've never been this hot and bothered in a museum before!

Wanna be a gruntboy? You gotta interview first. Use this roleplaying / hypnosis file to deepen your level of obedience, submission and compliance. No post-hypnotic suggestions. Geared toward male listener. Includes strong submission suggestions and face sitting.

Statue Transformation erotic Hypnosis
Dumb Masterbator Hypnosis
Drop Faster Into Trance Hypnosis

A fun and erotic transformation file. Get turned into 3 different statues in 3 different situations. Fantasize about not being able to move while others watch / use you! Effect only lasts while listening to this file.

Drop into trance by stroking, then keep stroking as you get dumbed down (temporary, during file only) and find it impossible to remember if you orgasm during the file..

Uses a desire to be obedient to install suggestions to drop faster and deeper into trance in the future, whenever you want to go into trance and you are with someone you trust or you are listening to a file you trust. Gender and sexual orientation neutral..

Desire for Chastity Hypnosis
Strip Down Hypnosis
Deeper Closer Edging Curse Hypnosis

Whether in chastity or not, this file will increase your desire for chastity and plants a 3 day post hypnotic suggestion. Uses male anatomy. Approx. 21 min.

A stripping fetish hypnosis mp3 file. Public file involves stripping in front of others, Private file involves stripping in private. Uses male stripper imagery. Approx 18 min.

A temporary and self induced edging curse file. Relaxation / story induction followed by edging curse trigger and edging exercises. Listener may edge during file or may just listen.

Jockboy's Locker Room Hypnosis
Puppy Dog Transformation Hypnosis

A jock / jockboy transformation file. Turns the listener into a jockboy who ends up at the gym and in the locker room. Creates a hypermasculine environment and uses male pronouns.

An erotic puppy and dog transformation file. Geared mostly to submissive puppies who enjoy pleasing a trainer. Turns the listener into a puppy and then gives commands like sit, lay down, roll over, play dead and hump. Uses male pronouns "good boy" for the puppy and trainer.

A hypnosis bondage adventure for gay men who enjoy being restrained.


A fun and erotic transformation file. Turns the listener into a robot and then programs the robot to perform tasks (one of which is sucking cock). Relatively brief induction. Will be especially frustrating if you happen to be locked in chastity.

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